Having trouble placing your order? These tips can help you resolve the most common issues, including ordering problems, payment errors, and technical difficulties.

Delivery Restrictions:

We proudly offer international shipping with minimal restrictions. During checkout, the delivery cost and estimated timing will be calculated based on your address. If your address or country is not listed in our delivery options, it means we currently are unable to ship to your location.

Payment Processing Error:

As the official payment services partner of FIFA, VISA is the preferred payment method. We do however accept other major payment methods, which will be displayed during checkout.

If you experience difficulties when placing your order, please verify that the following details are entered correctly:

  • Credit/debit card number (no spaces)
  • Valid from / expiration date
  • The CVV (three numbers on the back of the card)
  • The billing address matches the address your card is registered to

If the problem persists, we suggest you try troubleshooting steps such as checking that the billing address on your order is the same as your bank details.

Technical Difficulties:

Occasionally, browser or app glitches can interfere with the ordering process. Ensure your browser is up to date. Clearing your browser's cache or switching to a different device may resolve these issues. If the payment page is producing an error, check the billing address you've entered is the same address that your bank has on file, and check for any authentication notifications that your bank may have sent you.

Promo Codes and Vouchers:

If you’re unable to apply a promo code or voucher, please check it has not expired and meets the applicable terms. Note, that certain products may be excluded from promotions. The FIFA Store Support Team cannot apply discounts to orders retroactively once they are confirmed.

Please make sure the discount code has been applied and you see the discount subtracted from your subtotal before submitting your order.

If the issue persists, please reach out to our FIFA Store Support Team for further guidance. However, note that the FIFA Store Support Team is unable to place orders or accept payments on your behalf.